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Monday, April 23, 2012

Eat Your Vegetables

“I don't want any vegetables, thank you. I paid for the cow to eat them for me.” Doug Coupland

"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon." Doug Larson

I have noticed something very interesting. I post a photo on Facebook of a cat wielding a machine gun or a Mae West quote about being a bad girl and within hours - over 500 shares, even more likes and tons of great comments. I post a photo of an attractive woman brandishing a firearm and BINGO thousands of shares and likes and hundreds of comments. (Yes, there are tons of MALE Well Armed Women fans.)  I post a link to a phenomenal article loaded with potentially life saving tips and/or spot on marksmanship tips and..... Maybe 10 shares, 100 likes and only 5-10 comments. 
So what is that? 
That is human nature. We love something quick, fun and satisfying but don’t really like to take the time to take care of our “firearm health”. There are a few areas in our lives, where this probably really doesn’t matter much. Then there are the few that really do matter, like our health, our relationships, our careers and yes, our skills as an armed personal defense shooter. But of course as Booker T. Washington said “Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.” 

This is where the Broccoli comes in. 
It really is like eating vegetables. We know they are good for us, very good for us.. We don’t even question it and yet some of us still avoid them like the plaque. So What can we do to get over the barrier of “if it is good for me, than no thank you”? What can we do to make these “vegetables” taste better besides wrap them in bacon? 
We know that regarding one’s physical health, if they have an illness or are diagnosed with a serious medical issue, they will make the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary. They WILL begin to eat their vegetables. The fear becomes the motivator. 
Now, none of us should have to, or needs to go through the trauma of a close call or an attempted attack to create the fear to get us to change our ways, should we? Of course not.  It takes the mental commitment and belief that we each could REALLY be in this type of horrifying situation to create the fear that will cause us to change our ways and do the reading, training and practicing necessary.
So the moral of the story is: enjoy the simple things and the things that make you laugh but also invest in your firearm health. Read, train, practice and grow in your knowledge of what just might keep you alive if the horrific and unexpected happens. 


  1. Oh my gosh I was just thinking this. I posted a little quite that honestly I thought was funny and lots of people liked it and I felt great, but I posted an awesome article by a very smart man and 2 likes...goofy. However, I know the people who follow me care about self defense and firearms, but i don't think the article prompts a strong enough emotional response to actually hit like. I don't think in this Facebook, I like world, that liking or not liking is an adequate assessment of what people value. They wouldnt like my page or yours if they didn't value the information found in articles such the one by Greg Ellifritz's. Still odd:)

    1. I do agree that women (and men) that visit our pages are "hungry" for new information and because they have the desire to be connected to great training tips, products and news. You are probably right in that we can't really tell how much "good stuff" they get out of what we post just by likes, shares and comments posted on FB. I hope that they are digging deeper than those indicate.
      Thanks for your great comment!!

  2. I like to read articles about subjects that matter to me. My computer is my newspaper & tv so I read a lot on it. I do not believe, however, that a lot of people out there chose to read long articles on their computers. Small print, tired eyes, slow load times, whatever it is, I've noticed that online brevity counts. (I'm NOT good at brevity!) It seems that in today's world even vital information must be delivered in smaller bites. Do you suppose it is a case of information overload?

    1. Great point! We all have really been trained to get our news and information in quick bites. I too rely heavily on my computer and the internet and find myself scanning articles etc.. to see if it captures my attention. If I see a really long article I am less likely to really read all of it.
      We all have so much information and "data" coming at us all day long that we are really only left with ability to absorb smaller bite size tidbits... Great post - thank you!

  3. Great post. Liked your analysis of Facebook responses.
    American Firearms Academy

    1. Thanks T - I appreciate you taking the time to say so!

  4. I appreciate Well Armed Woman so much and hope to get the chance to come to Oregon to train. I just wish that more women would arm themselves with a weapon and the training to know how to use it. Thank you for being there and helping people overcome their ignorance and fear of guns.

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