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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Women have issues. 
Yes we do. No... not those. 

We have some serious issues as gun owners.. Things that make it uniquely difficult for women to simply buy a gun and jump in to gun ownership. Here are a few of them. Perhaps you can relate or better yet - perhaps you can help.

The Fact: Women think and act differently than men.  

The Problem: Boys are raised to play rough, to be tough and to grow up to be the provider and protector. Girls are raised to be gentle and sweet and to nurture their husbands and families. Women today, more than ever before have been placed in the position of being the protector. The protector of themselves, their families and their homes. More women are working out of the home, are single and are the heads of households.
The solution: Women must be given the information they need to begin to change their thinking. Its complicated for women, it's difficult to change the way they view their role in their personal protection and to get over the hurdles of fear.  To effectively “assume” this new role, the men in our lives, instructors and gun dealers need to understand this and have the information we need as women and to communicate it effectively.

The Fact: Carrying a concealed gun is really hard to do as a woman.

The Problem: Women have curves - lot’s of them in lots of different places that create all sorts of issues.  We also wear a variety of different clothing, most of which lack a belt or firm waistband. 
The Solution:  Women need holsters that are designed for all of those curves and the issues they create.  As well as holsters that offer variety in the places where they can be carried. Holster manufacturers need to stay creative and let the curves dictate.   

The Fact: Women need firepower that they can handle that will do the job.

The Problem: Women’s hands are smaller and have less strength than a mans. Finding a firearm that we can wrap our hands around, reach all of the controls, rack the slide (on a semi-auto) handle the recoil and shoot safely is tough without giving up stopping power.
The Solution: More higher caliber firearm options, with grips a woman can get her hands around, with manageable and reachable controls and minimal recoil.  
You see, we have big problems as women shooters, which naturally require big solutions. More and more women are getting into the "business" of guns and accessories and I am seeing a greater desire to meet the needs of the female shooter from all sides of the industry, which is very encouraging. 
Keep it up guys, your ladies are waiting.  
Those other issues? Well, we will deal with them another day. 


  1. Hello. I run a Glock 26 and Glock 17 from concealment. My hands are small, but I have learned to efficiently run them without making any modifications. I would encourage other women who see their hand size as a possible hurdle for responsibly managing a firearm to simply seek more training. In my opinion: practice is the best solution.

  2. Great point, training and practice can really improve our ability to handle even a larger gripped gun. I think there are many women, who with some good training and technique could handle their firearms better.

  3. Well said like most things in life - design for men, made for men.

  4. Fortunately many companies are recognizing the importance of not only marketing firearms and accessorizes to women, but redesinging products to better fit women and their lifestyles. The importance of good training can not be over emphasized. Correct technique, and some modified techniques, can overcome disparity in strength and hand size. The number of firearms becoming available makes it easier for ladies to select a quality firearm and not have settle for something that doesn't work.

    1. Great point about training. The better trained we all are to handle a firearm and modify technique to adjust, the better equipped we are to handle a perhaps less than perfect fit. Yes, there is progress and the selection of more women friendly guns is growing.

  5. I have found, and LOVE my new Flashbang holster. It snaps onto my bra so I can wear anything I want and still carry everyday, and still look and dress like a girl. I have one for my LCP and one for my LC9. You can't even tell it's there!

    1. The Flashbang has really made it possible for more women to continue to dress like women and be armed. That makes women very happy!!

  6. My biggest problem is I'm left eye dominate and right handed so I end up using my weak had to shoot. Training has strengthend both grip and holding my full sized, 1911 .45 ACP. I've yet to find a comfortable holster for my baby.

  7. We are vey much alike! I too am left eye dominant but right handed and I also love my 1911 .45 but it is tough to CC. Mine is my baby too :)
    I have chosen to retrain my eyes and not my hands, which is working well for me as I have some permanent nerve damage to my left hand from a spinal injury so no chance of strengthening it. As for carrying my Kimber - that has been a tougher challenge. I am short and petite, which makes it even tougher to conceal - parts of it seem to poke out and in everywhere! I am waiting for my new OTB holster to arrive. It is one of the "Build Your Own" series on The Well Armed Woman Website. It is made by a woman and designed to ride lower and more snug to a women's body. I will let you know how I do! Keep me posted on your progress!

  8. I am also right handed and left eye dominate. I shoot long guns lefty, but hand guns are right handed and moved to the left eye. It works!

  9. In teaching a woman to be more aware of personal protection issues. If you faced with the potential criminal that intends personal harm to you. Women need to be taught that there is just one rule, FIGHT TO WIN!!!!.

  10. Hi Carrie ; My name is Tom Davis and I have your add for your site on my face book page, I also caught your video at Beretta good job I must say , But the reason for this message is and you might allready know this but make sure the lady's know about different missfire's like a POP NO BANG , A SQUIB LOAD , A DRY FIRE , A HANG FIRE , These all can be fatel if not handeled right , you probably all ready know this but I just wanted to make sure . Don't want any one getting hurt. Any question's feel free to send me an email at ( ) . I love the fact that more lady's are getting involved in shooting . Stay safe and have a great day . God Bless.

    Sincerely ; Tom Davis .

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