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Monday, April 2, 2012


Ahh, a new relationship. The excitement, the long talks, spending as much time together as you possibly can. These things are all part of any new significant relationship. You explore each other, learn everything you can about the other and eventually know everything there is to know.  People begin to say the two of you look alike, act alike, talk alike and, as years pass, even dress alike! I know you know what I am talking about: you have seen couples wearing basically the same outfits, most of them don’t even know they have done it. It just happens. They have grown so much together that they seem to meld into one. 
Yes.... I know I am writing a gun blog and am sure you are wondering “what does this have to do with guns”
Many women and perhaps men, purchase a firearm for self-protection. They want to feel safe and have the means to protect themselves and those they love. So they make the purchase, perhaps even glance through the owner's manual, load it with ammunition and put it in a safe place. Only to be left there, until the day they need it. The honeymoon is over, and so is the relationship.
What’s missing here? Yes: the romance. Every relationship needs attention and some quality time spent together. For a relationship to work, this is required on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will grow apart and become like strangers. 
Romance with my gun? you ask. Well, sort of.  
Spending some quality time with your firearm is one of the most important things you can do, not only when you first purchase your gun, but on an ongoing basis. This firearm is extremely important to you: this piece of metal (or plastic, in some cases) will become a part of your body. Heaven forbid the time comes when you must rely on it to save your life, you need to know it, really know it. You need to know how to get it to do what you need it to do, under incredible stress I might add. The level with which you and your firearm are “one” in a life threatening situation will seriously contribute to the outcome. 
Hold it, wear it and work it. (UNLOADED OF COURSE). Regular safe dry-fire practice is a great way to get acquainted and stay acquainted. Take your firearm on a date - go to the range and spend some quality time together. Owning a gun is a long term and committed relationship, one you must actively spend time on and invest yourself in. The rewards? A long, healthy happily-ever-after life together.
I expect you will have some interesting comments on this one! In the meantime, I will leave you with some famous love sone lyrics. 

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” - The Beatles, The End

“The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return.” - Nat King Cole, Nature Boy


  1. Thank you so much for this post. This is exactly what I was trying to explain to a fellow "gun girl" last night. You conveyed my feelings about gun ownership perfectly.

  2. Thanks GAgal, I'm glad you could relate. It really is a "relationship", one we have to invest in if we want our firearm to protect our lives in a flash of a moment, we need to work together as a unit..

  3. Great advice...thinking I need to get back out to the range for a bit of "romance."

  4. Great Post! The only thing better, make it a double date! My Hubby and I do a date night every week and we try to once a month make it a date night at the range - a double date as you will :)

  5. Me and my girl have a beautiful relationship, I care for her and love her and she protects me. We go out and play but she knows when the playing is done and the job needs to be done.

    Dont have any of the accounts below but my name is Cheryl Ritz from Facebook

  6. This is great to hear how we "live" with our firearms! I have a wonderful relationship with each of mine - they even ALL have been named. I did this so I could keep things on a very personal level as I'm using/practicing with each of them. We are a team. I need to depend on my gun when I have it, just as it depends on ME to know all about it, in order for us to work together as smoothly as possible.

  7. Hi Carrie, This is Daryle. Very nice blog, but if I remember correctly, you don't mind spelling corrections. Near the end you said song lyrics but spelled (sone). We all seek perfection in some ways, and I know I'm only perfect in my own ways in my mind. Thank you for everything you've been doing as a Well Armed Woman.

  8. I so want to carry mine with me all the time but as a full figured woman there are challenges with what to use. Inside, outside, in the back on the side, or perhaps in a purse (although I do have a concealed carry purse and it is VERY heavy and I don't really care for it). I would love to hear from some other full figured women to see what has worked for them.

    1. There are some "extra" challenges for larger women. Here is an article on concealed carry for larger women written with the input of woman and what they have found to work for them. I hope it is helpful!

  9. The NO AMMO thing is putting a damper on my gun relationship, when I do find some, it very often is doubled in price or worse, just when I got some new toys. It is true, the more you practice, the more comfortable you feel with your new or old friend, maybe we could all post who is selling their ammo at fair prices & who is ripping us off, then when things get back to normal, we can remember who treated us right!


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