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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here are some simple impressions and a few questions from a gun show virgin:
There are not too many women at gun shows.... Yet!
I didn’t get strange looks for walking around with a gun on my hip.
I did get curious looks for being a woman cruising the aisles.

It is oddly comfortable and comforting being surrounded by guns, ammo and gun loving people!

I have no difficulty believing the recent Gallop Poll that said 47% of homes in the US have a firearm. They were all at the show!
You can wear ANYTHING you want to a gun show and I mean anything!  
Fully grown adult males actually will pin handwritten signs on scraps of paper on themselves! 
What are all those little parts filling the tiny bins on so many of the tables?
Gun lovers are really nice and patient people.
The people watching doesn’t get any better.
There are many “interesting characters” to talk to at gun shows.  
Bring a cart with wheels - everything is VERY heavy.
Buy your ammunition on your way out!
Going to a gun show is like going to the humane society. There are so many guns that need good homes. You MUST leave with one.
You see the wildest t shirts for sale and on the visitors.
I didn’t expect to see machetes and Gothic swords - but they were fascinating.
The collector firearms are amazing.
The military historic paraphernalia is sobering.
I want one of those huge rounds in my home. I don’t know what they are - but they are really big, very heavy and very cool!
I love the sound of stun guns.
Nothing beats a hot dog, a Coke and a stadium full of firearms.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


How far from reality is the characterization that all large companies are only about the money and  that somehow, people of influence have only attained that position at the expense of others.

I believe that, for many, it is the other way around. That a company’s commitment to “do good works” and labor to help those less fortunate, results in a blessed company.  Beretta is such a company.   Beretta and what we see as the “company”  is merely the complete reflection of the Beretta family members, both past and present, their values, guiding principles, and the direction they give to everything they do. 

Mrs. Beretta with her son, Carlo
Umberta Beretta, with grace and elegance, continues this deep history of giving. Umberta says that  since she was a child, she has had the instinct to protect the weak. She shared: “It is silly to concentrate on your own life. Life is too short. The least one can do is try to think ahead and try and create a better world for those who are coming next”.

She is passionate about protecting children from the ravages of AIDS and believes with education it can be stopped. Her commitment to the health of mothers and children around the world has her involved with multiple organizations driven to protecting those most vulnerable. Umberta continues this committed work with her participation in the upcoming “women only” car race,  The Cash & Rocket (RED) Tour.

Thirty five red cars and seventy of the most successful women from the worlds of fashion, film, music, art and business will travel to the fashion cities around the world and unite in their efforts to raise global awareness and funds for charity. 

Mrs. Beretta will be driving a Porsche like this one
These seventy inspirational women will hit the road June 7th for a 3 day road trip like no other. They will travel from central London, to the elegance of Place Cendome in Paris, through the cobbled piazzas of Milan ending in the glamour of Monte Carlo's casino, raising funds along the way.  Umberta is actively giving her time and resources in a very personal way to make sure the event raises cash. Individuals from around the world can donate to the "car" or "team" they like.

How about us all “joining” Umberta on this journey to help others and make our world a better place for the suffering.  Every donation, even the smallest, can make a big difference.  Donate here:

“Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.” Anonymous

With all of the misrepresentations and mischaracterizations of big companies today, it is so important to acknowledge and recognize those that are founded and rooted in compassion and heart, and continue to live it and walk their talk, like Beretta. Hats off to Umberta: she is an inspiration to us all.

“To do more for the world than the world does for you - that is success.” Henry Ford (1863-1947)

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."  Anne Frank (1929-1945)

If you would like to be part of this cause by sponsoring Umberta, donate to team RED.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Mothers are never more fierce than when protecting their young. This primal instinct is in all living creatures. The violent fight to the death response is fully acceptable and is the expected response in the animal kingdom when a mother's young are threatened. In the wild, predators lurk and stalk, waiting to find weak and vulnerable prey. Should someone threaten a lionesses young, they are met with force like no other. It is intense, fierce and violent. Nothing is more important to that lioness, then to protect her young. If you threaten a Mama bear’s cubs, what do you expect? You will receive a full on deadly response from her and are likely to not survive it. 

It is no different for us human mothers. The threats are all around our families. They are invading our lives in ways like never before. Unthinkable crimes and violence are entering our homes, schools and our streets. Attackers will receive the same response as that of the lioness or mother bear. So, how can it possibly surprise or even offend people when a woman protects her child, by equipping and training to use a firearm in defense?  

The threats our families now face have evolved and changed. As with the animal kingdom, we must adapt our survival techniques to meet the changing face of the threats. So simply put, as the attacks grow in intensity, complexity and power, so must the defense. 
Yes, women are evolving.  Many are now the only protector the family has, as a mother she must move into this role equipped to defend against the dangers of today. The instinct to protect is no less fierce in a human mother than it is in the animal kingdom and as the dangers grow more intense, so shall a mother’s defense. A well armed and well trained mother is a fierce force. For many women, what an evil attacker is going to see when attacking her children, are not her front teeth or fingernails, but the barrel of her gun. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Women have issues. 
Yes we do. No... not those. 

We have some serious issues as gun owners.. Things that make it uniquely difficult for women to simply buy a gun and jump in to gun ownership. Here are a few of them. Perhaps you can relate or better yet - perhaps you can help.

The Fact: Women think and act differently than men.  

The Problem: Boys are raised to play rough, to be tough and to grow up to be the provider and protector. Girls are raised to be gentle and sweet and to nurture their husbands and families. Women today, more than ever before have been placed in the position of being the protector. The protector of themselves, their families and their homes. More women are working out of the home, are single and are the heads of households.
The solution: Women must be given the information they need to begin to change their thinking. Its complicated for women, it's difficult to change the way they view their role in their personal protection and to get over the hurdles of fear.  To effectively “assume” this new role, the men in our lives, instructors and gun dealers need to understand this and have the information we need as women and to communicate it effectively.

The Fact: Carrying a concealed gun is really hard to do as a woman.

The Problem: Women have curves - lot’s of them in lots of different places that create all sorts of issues.  We also wear a variety of different clothing, most of which lack a belt or firm waistband. 
The Solution:  Women need holsters that are designed for all of those curves and the issues they create.  As well as holsters that offer variety in the places where they can be carried. Holster manufacturers need to stay creative and let the curves dictate.   

The Fact: Women need firepower that they can handle that will do the job.

The Problem: Women’s hands are smaller and have less strength than a mans. Finding a firearm that we can wrap our hands around, reach all of the controls, rack the slide (on a semi-auto) handle the recoil and shoot safely is tough without giving up stopping power.
The Solution: More higher caliber firearm options, with grips a woman can get her hands around, with manageable and reachable controls and minimal recoil.  
You see, we have big problems as women shooters, which naturally require big solutions. More and more women are getting into the "business" of guns and accessories and I am seeing a greater desire to meet the needs of the female shooter from all sides of the industry, which is very encouraging. 
Keep it up guys, your ladies are waiting.  
Those other issues? Well, we will deal with them another day.