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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here are some simple impressions and a few questions from a gun show virgin:
There are not too many women at gun shows.... Yet!
I didn’t get strange looks for walking around with a gun on my hip.
I did get curious looks for being a woman cruising the aisles.

It is oddly comfortable and comforting being surrounded by guns, ammo and gun loving people!

I have no difficulty believing the recent Gallop Poll that said 47% of homes in the US have a firearm. They were all at the show!
You can wear ANYTHING you want to a gun show and I mean anything!  
Fully grown adult males actually will pin handwritten signs on scraps of paper on themselves! 
What are all those little parts filling the tiny bins on so many of the tables?
Gun lovers are really nice and patient people.
The people watching doesn’t get any better.
There are many “interesting characters” to talk to at gun shows.  
Bring a cart with wheels - everything is VERY heavy.
Buy your ammunition on your way out!
Going to a gun show is like going to the humane society. There are so many guns that need good homes. You MUST leave with one.
You see the wildest t shirts for sale and on the visitors.
I didn’t expect to see machetes and Gothic swords - but they were fascinating.
The collector firearms are amazing.
The military historic paraphernalia is sobering.
I want one of those huge rounds in my home. I don’t know what they are - but they are really big, very heavy and very cool!
I love the sound of stun guns.
Nothing beats a hot dog, a Coke and a stadium full of firearms.


  1. Sounds like you had fun!
    The big shows here sometimes have CHOCOLATE DIPPED CHEESECAKE ON A STICK!
    To die for.

  2. Glad you had a good time! My bride finally likes to go to gun shows with me again, since she got involved in prepping. Getting her concealed carry permit and taking a handgun class sparked her interest!

  3. Make sure to save up for the Small Arms Review show in early December in Phoenix - it's enormous and the sheer variety of products is mind-blowing.

  4. That last quote is a classic...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Just heard about the shooting in Aurora CO last night at a theater at a midnight showing of batman. So far 14 dead and 51 hurt. My query is if someone had been allowed a conceal carry, the shooter would have been shot or taken out at least. Our gun laws only protect the bad guys, not the people. This is just another outrage that a private gun could have saved some of the people.

  6. So true about the above post...if only they understood, the criminals already have the weapons and the law abiding citizen is unprotected. Sad that it takes a tragedy such as this to bring this point to light....

  7. I've always been afraid to go to a gun show, even though I've wanted to buy a gun. The thought of being the only woman in a room full of large, armed men has made me hesitate. But this makes me feel much better about it. Thanks for the tips!

    1. well the article says not many women at guns shows....yet. im wondering what show she went to, all the ones ive gone to in years has loads of women almost all wearing a gun. as for being afraid to go, dont be like she said in the story the people there are pretty friendly and be prepared to talk because if you are new to it some of the guys will talk your leg off trying to make sure you get every bit of information you need or might possibly ever need to leave a memior for your great great great great great grand-daughter. you really should go the people there are friendly and great to talk to.

    2. well don't be, I go all the time and I find a lot of women and couples. I feel more normal there. And the folks that go are just regular people like us.

  8. No need to be afraid to go to a gun show. I go all the time, and mostly it's just regular folk, wandering around and dickering over prices. I've never seen any large, scary, armed men there. And I wouldn't buy your ammo'll find better prices elsewhere. It's a good chance to put your hands on different weapons, but I would definitely shop around before purchasing.

  9. Day after the election I bought my very first Assault Rifle!!!!!!!

  10. Day after the election, I bought my very first assault rifle. I suggest you do the same before gun grabbers put stiffer penalties on purchasing firearms. Support the 2nd in the Bill of Rights. Get educated and the COPS won't hassle you nearly as much if they know you know the law and constitution. They prefer ignorant citizens. Take the 5th on all COP questions.

    1. Ricky Williams, you did NOT under any circumstances purchase an ASSAULT RIFLE at a gun show unless you have a Class lll permit issued by the Federal Government. What you most likely purchased was a semi-automatic rifle with a dettachable magazine and some sort of flash hider.

  11. I just turned 62 and have always loved gun shows and owning guns. The people watching is my favorite thing to do!

  12. Somebody please tell me where there is a gun show that allows anyone except for LEOs to have any kind of loaded gun on them, holstered or long gun. Every show I have gone to in the past 30 years they check you at the enterance for concealed carry and all guns are made safe with a zip tie. The only ammunition you are allowed to carry in must be in a full box and must be for sale. If you do purchase a firearm and ammunition for it and try and load the firearm, after the dealers and spectators are peeled off what is left of your body will be escorted to a police vehicle post haste in handcuffs.

    1. i dont know of any where anyone other than leo's are allowed to have a loaded weapon. wait wait wait there may be ONE. in OK it is held during and at the same place they do the full auto shoot.
      but im not promising you may have a loaded weapon while shopping.

  13. Same in my state--Florida. You can't carry concealed in the gun show. My Bro. in law is a LEO and he says it's for safety. So many people checking out guns, there is a good chance of accidental discharge. Although the safety factor makes sense, I still can't get my mind around the fact that you can't carry concealed in a GUN show of all places! Isn't the point of the GUN show to promote and protect the Second Amendment!?

  14. I went to my first gun show this weekend and was surprised by the surprised vendors who shared their surprise that I was there unaccompanied by a "husband or boyfriend." Ah well. I got some great holsters and scoped out a couple guns.

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