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Friday, September 28, 2012

Are You Ready?

Election season is deeply upon us. Sadly with that comes quite a bit of dirty politics, annoying ads and an endless onslaught of phone calls! It is quite easy to “tune out” and just go MIA from heated conversations and the stress of hearing all of the doom and gloom or worse, to be lulled into thinking that your vote doesn’t mean anything. 

Responsibility comes naturally to us as gun owners, we are fully aware of our responsibility to “Bear our arms” legally and safely. We each have a deep rooted and almost religious understanding of what freedom means. Do we really understand how easily we can loose these freedoms? Are we also willing to take responsibility to protect them?

I spoke with and listened to Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association last night give a passionate talk about the very real and very present threats to this and other foundational freedoms we each are so blessed to have. He said something that struck me as very profound. He shared that we are only as secure as our ability to protect ourselves. Think about that for a moment. It is a simple statement  yet profound as we look at it personally and nationally. It speaks to our ability to protect ourselves from a violent criminal but it is also profound as we look at it in terms of how our country is governed. Our ability to protect ourselves is one that is granted to us as US Citizens by our government.. Yes I believe that the human right of freedom is one that comes from God, but as US Citizens we also accept the fact that these laws and even our rights are decided and determined by our elected government. These, as Americans we agree to live by. Our “ability to protect ourselves”  therefore comes from our government. The deepest beauty in our democracy is that we have a voice - WE elect the people that are in essence our government. 

I am not a politician and won’t pretend to fully understand all of the nuances of the political game being played with our 2nd Amendment rights. But I do know that lurking just below the surface - pressing hard up against our rights as we currently know them is a very real threat. One that no matter how much we complain, argue and defiantly cry out “From my cold dead hands”, jeopardizes them.  Our rights as citizens of this country are in the hands humans, of our elected politicians. Electing and putting the right ones there is our job alone. Yours and mine, period. We must take the responsibility and we must also be held accountable for the outcome.

Did you know that our 2nd Amendment was almost lost? In 2010 the Supreme Court upheld this fundamental right to bear arms by just 1 vote!  Are you aware that the next President of the United States will likely be appointing 1 to 3 new Justices to the Supreme Court during the next presidential term? The election of our next President is crucial. 

We have all heard about the UN Arms Treaty and were relieved when it was dropped during this years discussions. The reality is - it will be back in full glory next year.! Our Senate however, must ratify such a treaty if it were passed for it to be honored here in the US. Who those Senators are whom will be making that decision is critical. You will be deciding that NOW.

There are many more examples of legislation both nationally and at the state level that are part of the cancerous efforts to eliminate our 2nd Amendment rights.

Should you be scared? Yes, you should. Not scared stiff and immobilized but scared into action.

What is the point of this article? It is NOT to begin an argument over any of these issues and not to tell you how or who to vote for. It is to challenge you to take responsibility for your government. Take the time to understand the significance of this election season and  educate yourself on the politicians and the issues. Support those organizations that are working to protect your rights and of course to inspire you to VOTE .  Talk with your family, friends and co-workers and “Rally The Troops” to do the same. It literally may be now or never.  

Are you willing to take your chances? I’m not and pray you aren’t either.


  1. Wow Carrie, well stated and WITHOUT political bias. Thank you.

    1. Without political bias, you say...

      Sorry, but "Tango Juliet" is absolutely 100% correct.

      Fast & Furious (Univision just did a piece on this ongoing scandal) was a covert Obama op designed to provide a reason to get rid of our guns.

      That plus what Carrie mentioned regarding the single vote in 2010 that saved our rights makes it crystal clear that you must vote Obama OUT or lose your rights, period.

      I no longer believe in writing nice, polite articles designed to get everybody out to vote.

      We get everybody out to vote like this one and the country is OVER:

  2. I'll offer some bias. If you're a gun owner and you vote for Obama, you're a fool.

  3. This is GREAT!!

    Did you see Allen West's comments today at the NRA "Women On Target"?

    An armed man is a citizen; a disarmed man is a subject ~ Allen West

  4. While your message is great, some of your statements are incorrect.

    "Our ability to protect ourselves is one that is granted to us as US Citizens by our government."

    This statement is incorrect because the government didn't give us this right. Our Creator/Nature's Law, or however you want to look at it gave us the right of self defense. "We The People" created the Constitution as rule set for the government, not for the people. The Constitution nor the government gave us this right. It was just simply stated that this right could not be infringed by government.

    Second we by the forefather's standards are not citizens of the United States of America. We are citizens of a state of the union. You are the citizen of the state of xxx and an American.

    Federal Government was only created to regulate commerce and defend this Union of States.

    "Our Senate however, must ratify such a treaty if it were passed for it to be honored here in the US." Referring to the UN Small Arms Treaty.

    This is incorrect partially. The treaty can be enforced without the ratification by the Senate. As long as a President doesn't reject the treaty. It never has to be sent to the Senate to be ratified due to a loop hole and one that will be used unfortunately. This loop hole being because of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties which the US is a signatory to, the UN will consider us bound to any treaty that is signed.

    Now above is true as it is what we have allowed for what you have stated. But if you want to get real and serious. The facts are presented. That what we live in now is not what our country is meant to be. We are not a democracy, we are a republic. Democracy and Republic are two different things. They are next to each other in the left/right wing government graph but are two different types of government.

    You do realize the US is a corporation since the early 20th century right?

    Again this is not to knock your message but to point out some of the propaganda that we have bought into.

  5. Well said. Keep the discussion going. More people need to wake up and get involved or to put it another way....

    "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good (people) to do nothing."
    -- Edmund Burke


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